Morgans Timber

Yakedo Yakisugi Iroko

Yakedo is the most traditional and easily recognisable of all our Yakisugi options.
Outside of Japan some refer to this style as “gator skin” or “snake skin”. We simply call it Yakedo.
The original burnt layer is approximately 2-3mm thick. The charred surface has an easily damaged shell unless prefinished with our special resin based coatings. The applied resin coatings help to maintain the blister effect for longer. Yakedo is not suitable for high traffic areas as the blisters can become easily damaged.

Naturally Durable:
Using naturally durable species our Yakedo Yakisugi enhances the durability further

Long Service Life:
When detailed correctly for your project our burnt timber cladding can last 80 years and more.

Sustainable Cladding:
The timber we use to produce our claddings is responsibly sourced from suppliers all across the globe.

Excellent Stability:
We only supply timber cladding that proves to have good to excellent stability in service.

Environmentally Friendly
Timber has a low carbon footprint meaning it requires less energy to produce.

Fully Recyclable
Unlike other cladding materials timber cladding is fully recyclable at the end of it’s long life.