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Smartply Max FR/FR Build

SMARTPLY MAX FR/FR BUILD is a flame retardant panel developed in response to the STA’s (Structural Timber Association)
“Design guide to separating distances during construction” for timber frame buildings above 600m2 total floor area.

Added during panel production, Zeroignition® Solution
– a water-based and eco-friendly fire retardant penetrates the wood strands to ensure comprehensive and reliable fire performance whilst fully maintaining structural integrity.

At a glance:

Flame retardant OSB/3 panel
Meets FR/FR BUILD requirements by the STA
Flame retardancy built in
High racking strength
Versatile structural panel
No added formaldehyde

SMARTPLY MAX FR/FR BUILD is manufactured in accordance with EN300 and EN 13986.
It is the perfect choice for roofing, flooring and wall sheathing where strength, moisture resistance and flame retardancy are paramount.

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