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Up to 6,000mm


185 to 1230mm


Quality: A/B,BB,B/C,C/C

Adhesive: D4 PVA

Source timber: Scandinavia/Northern European

Thickness: 12 to 52mm*

Width: 185 to 1,230mm

Length: Up to 6,000mm

​Packing quantities: Approx 1.5 m3 per pallet

Packaging: Strapped to pallets/bearers and polywrapped five sides

Order quantity: Full trailer loads of 45/50m3

Options: Individual shrink wrapping (recommended for holding goods in stock)

Labelling with bespoke design and point of sale barcoding
Edge profiling (nosing and rebating) plus grooving

Advantages: Wider widths than can be achieved with solid timber

Reduced movement in all dimensions

Improved stability

Less waste which can be environmentally disposed in landfill if necessary

Ready to use

*Only available in the full press width of 1,230mm

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