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Up to 6,000mm


185 to 1230mm


​Quality: A/B,BB,B/C,C/C

Adhesive: D4 PVA

Source timber: Scandinavian/Central European

Thickness: 12 to 52mm*

Width: 185 to 1,230mm

Length: Up to 6,000mm**

​Packing quantities: Approx 1.5 m3 per pallet

Packaging: Strapped to pallets/bearers and polywrapped five sides

Order quantity: Full trailer loads of 45/50m3

Options: Individual shrink wrapping (recommended for holding goods in stock)

Labelling with bespoke design and point of sale barcoding
Edge profiling (nosing and rebating) plus grooving

Precision trimming to size

CNC moulding and profiling

Advantages: Wider widths than can be achieved with solid timber
Reduced movement in all dimensions
Improved stability
Less waste which can be environmentally disposed in landfill if necessary
Ready to use

*Only available in the full press width of 1,230mm

**Subject to specification

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