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Construction Marine Plywood

A multi-purpose hardwood plywood that is a versatile product which combines an attractive surface appearance with superior performance under hazardous conditions.

A good indicator of a quailty plywoods cores is its durabilty, Our Marine plywoods have a density of 700kgs per M3.

Key Features:
It has comparatively high strength to weight ratio.
Construction Marine 1088 Ply CE2+ is suitable for interior and exterior use (in exterior use protect as recommended by TRADA)
Produced from mixed hardwood veneers for durability and stability. High density veneers are used for their structural strengths and are graded CE2 + according to the European certification program.
No Core Gaps
BS 1088 Stamped on Edge of the sheet

Commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.
Billboard production
Construction site use
Cubicle dividers
Domestic floor laying applications, including new build and replacement flooring, walls, roofs, fascia and soffits ect.
Exhibitions (displays, stands, kiosks)
Manufacture of signs
Structural CE2 + applications

Sizes: 8 ft X 4 ft

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