North American: Ash, Alder, Birch, Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak and Walnut – we can also supply wide boards, fixed widths and strips in any of these items 
South American: Brazilian Mahogany (FAS and Standard) and Cedrella
African: Iroko/Odum, Sapele, Sipo/Utile, West African mahogany, Edinam, Framire, Guarea, Wawa  
European: Beech (from joinery grades to ‘Stuffover'/ frame grades), birch 
Far Eastern: Meranti, Keruing, Bekak, Mengkulang 
Machined Hardwoods: Window boards, and Kerling half-lap 
Hardwood edge-glued panels in various species also available